5 Ways Young Adults Can Serve at Church

Young adults sometimes struggle to find their place serving in the local church. Getting involved can be easier than you think, but it takes some initiative on your part. Here are five simple ways to find your place of service.

  1. With kids. I served with a kid’s ministry for a little over a year while I was in college and loved it. Teaching kids was completely outside my comfort zone, but it was good for me. If you want to be a parent, I strongly encourage spending some time working with youngsters. It will give you an opportunity to learn how to communicate with kids while simultaneously challenging your ability to teach biblical truths with simplicity. If you choose this route, expect to be well-vetted (background checks, interviews, etc.).
  2. With your hands. Not everyone is made to be a teacher or small group leader. God has uniquely gifted some people to be servants, ready to use their hands and feet to carry out the gospel. If this is you, find ways to get involved with set-up/tear-down teams, church facilities, or other ministries like those.
  3. With youth/students. Teenagers love to interact with college and career-aged young adults. It makes them feel special and gives them positive role models to emulate. If you are young at heart and have a passion for mentoring, this is a perfect way for you to get involved.
  4. With evangelism. All Christians are called to share the gospel, but some are exceptional at it. If you are a gifted people-person with a burning desire to see souls saved, find an evangelistic ministry and serve with them. If your church lacks this kind of ministry, talk to someone on staff about starting an evangelism ministry designed to reach the community with the gospel. This is probably one of the most important ministries a church could have.
  5. With administration. God has made some people with organizational minds. You can put together structures and have the foresight to see how everyone fits into the mold. This gift can be used in a small group, as a layperson, or as a staff member. If you feel this is your gift, reach out to your church staff and ask to get involved.

These are five basic ways to serve, but there are many more. I hope this list jumpstarts your service in your local church.

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