5 Things Hard Work Has Taught Me

Working well and working hard are learned traits, not instincts. Syncing with the routine of work takes time. It’s a process, or maybe art-form is a better description. But, once the time of readjustment is over and you find your rhythm, the feeling you get at the end of a hard day’s work can be incredibly satisfying. Here are five things that hard work has taught me.

  1. Frugality. The harder I worker for money, the more it encourages me to spend it wisely. I know the hours of sweat and focus it takes to make my ends meet, so it helps me think twice before I splurge on a bad purchase.
  2. Gratitude. My father has worked tirelessly for over three decades to provide a financial foundation for our family. He does it so well that he makes it look easy. Consequently, I have a tendency to take his efforts for granted. Having to provide and work hard to support myself has taught me a lot about being grateful for those who work tirelessly without fanfare.
  3. Determination. It takes resolve to wake up at the same time and start the day. Early mornings are not my “thing,” so it takes a great deal of determination to get to work on time and in the right spirit, day after day.
  4. Simplicity. There is a certain sweetness to a day spent working hard at the job the Lord has given you. Doing my job well allows for me to enjoy the “five o’clock feeling.”
  5. Joy. As I grind away at my job, I realize the need to find joy in the simplicities of life. If I am not focused on finding reasons to smile and rejoice, then the grind threatens to numb me. I want to live my life fully, not survive it.

Hard work is a blessing from the Lord. It gives us the opportunity to be productive and stay active, either mentally, physically, or both. Take a moment to thank the Lord for his provision if you are employed.

If you are currently unemployed, ask the Lord to provide an opportunity for you to work hard and share the gospel through a job opportunity.

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