5 Fun Friday Reads

This week I spent more time than usual just soaking up wisdom from other authors on the internet. I found some gems, and I figured I would share some of my favorite articles. The titles are linked. Just click on the ones you want to read and enjoy.

The Relationally Grounded Pastor – An Interview with Eugene Peterson

Not every one of my readers are pastors, but I believe this article is a good read for all those driven by ambition. Eugene Peterson calls us to be relational, instead of only task-oriented.

How Can You Get a Mentor –  by Russell Moore

This article is both practical and instructional. It provides simple guidelines for finding someone to lead you in a specific area of your life.

Ten Things Church Members Would Love to Hear from Their Pastors – by Thom Rainer

I found this article both true and comforting. Dr. Rainer nails down ten things that every pastor should try to communicate to his congregation.

10 Practical Ways to Boost Your Energy Level – by Michael Hyatt

I love Michael Hyatt because he skillfully uses his platform to share the gospel. This article is nothing short of superb.

Why I Don’t Require Office Hours for Ministry Staff – by Sam Rainer

Sam Rainer is quickly becoming one of my favorite reads in the blogosphere. This article is not going to attract everyone since it is targeted towards senior staff members at churches. However, it is still insightful and interesting.










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