4 Truths About Grace

Much was written in the New Testament about grace, but no one demonstrated it like Jesus. John 7:53 – 8:11 is a beautiful portrait of the Messiah showing us all how to give grace to those around us. Furthermore, his display teaches us four truths about grace.

  1. Grace goes against the culture. The religious leaders caught a woman in the act of adultery, and they quickly reminded Jesus (as if God needed reminding) that the Jewish Law demands she be put to death (John 8:5). Likewise, when someone does us wrong, we sometimes mandate they answer to our definition of fairness. These legalists overlooked the fact that grace is most beautifully displayed when it is most undeserved.
  2. Grace, like a mirror, provides a reflection. When we operate with an attitude of grace, we are reminded of the times we have been forgiven. As we raise our hands to point an accusing finger, the words “let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone” (John 8:7) should humble us. If you are a Christian, everything you have been given is because of God’s grace to you, not merit.
  3. Grace comes without condemnation. Jesus rebukes her accusers and then asks her to examine the results; “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” (John 8:10). Grace doesn’t focus on what you were saved from so much as it points you to the One who saved you.
  4. Grace causes a holy response. Jesus instructs the adulterous woman to discontinue her life of immorality (John 8:11). The grace he gives us stirs affection within our hearts that draws us closer to him and further away from our pasts.

My friend, I hope you feel loved by God. He is not an angry Father. He loves his children, and he displays that love through grace. I encourage you to spend some time today reflecting on his goodness in your life.


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