8 Character Traits That Mark Integrity

“Integrity” is defined as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness” or “the state of being whole and undivided.”[1] Although those definitions are helpful, Psalm 15 paints a spiritual portrait of those who have integrity.

  1. He is upright in lifestyle. Those who practice integrity “walk blamelessly and [do] what is right” (Psalm 15:2). They possess purity in heart that is revealed by their actions.
  2. He is honest to the core of his being. Truth is difficult to come by in our pluralistic society, but the upright “speaks truth in his heart” (Psalm 15:2). He is honest with himself, his walk with God, the health of his earthly relationships, etc.
  3. He is not a critical person. Someone who is practicing a lifestyle of integrity does not “slander with his tongue” (Psalm 15:3). He chooses to share the positive about people instead of spreading gossip.
  4. He is filled with kindness. He whose heart is pure “does no evil to his neighbor” (Psalm 15:3). Kind people operate out of a heart of love for their neighbor, because they think with an initially evangelistic mindset.
  5. He speaks highly of his friends. The man of integrity loves his friends and “does not speak evil of [them]” (Psalm 15:3, NLT). When he reflects on his relationships, he feels gratitude and warmth rather than envy and impatience.
  6. He despises evil ways, but loves the path of the upright (Psalm 15:4). When evil men cause chaos and wreak havoc on the earth, he desires justice. Contrarily, he is equally excited by seeing brothers and sisters in Christ succeed in their walk with the Lord.
  7. He is a promise keeper. Simply put, he “keep[s] [his] promises even when it hurts” (Psalm 15:4, NLT). He chooses to follow through instead of wallow in regret.
  8. He is wise with his finances. The man of integrity looks for good causes to invest in, but he doesn’t let wealth threaten his character (Psalm 15:5). No amount of financial gain can deter him from carrying out justice because he does not love money more than doing right (Psalm 15:5).

Do you see yourself in this list? Do you lack any of the above? Integrity is for all who are Christians. If you feel a need to work on anything from Psalm 15, seek the Lord’s strength and guidance and he will give it to you.

[1] Google definitions

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