A Necessity in the Life of a College Age Male

After graduating from a Christian university, I can say that I have encountered a lot of different Christian dudes. I noticed one particular thing that set some apart from the rest: Discipleship.

I don’t mean they were pouring into freshmen every time you saw them. Rather, they were being discipled. They had men in their lives who were teaching them how to be godly, holy men.

If you read my posts consistently, you know I often write about mentorship. Why? Because discipleship done correctly works. It’s God’s idea for Christian growth; men helping other men become more like Jesus.

What does every college-aged Christian male need in his life? A man who wants to see him pursue holiness more than his future career. A man who pushes him towards excellence in his walk with the Lord. A man who can show him how to be a faithful husband and a loving father.

Ladies, I would bet y’all relate to these needs in your own unique ways.

If you read this post and think, “God, I want a mentor” you may find this post helpful.

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