How Reliable Are You

I see a trend among my peers, and it saddens me. Many in my generation are simply not reliable. Selfishness and self-preservation trump loyalty. Not everyone from my generation lacks dependability, but a lot do! To counteract this trend, I present a few benefits of being a reliable person.

  1. It presents opportunities to help others. If you approach someone on Sunday and share a prayer concern, you will probably hear something similar to “I will be praying for you.” I think most people have good intentions, but few stay true to their commitment. However, my mom is the most reliable woman I have ever met, and she uses this line with full intent on backing up her words. Consequently, she has had opportunities to minister and love on quite a few people. Why? Because they know they can depend on Beth.
  2. It is a sign of maturity. Growing up means owning responsibility that comes with the new life stage you are in. Taking on what is front of you and being dependable are great ways to demonstrate to those around you how capable and mature you can be.
  3. It brings quality friends to you. Like-minded people who value the same traits in their friends will naturally link up. In the same way, being reliable not only allows you to minister to those who may not be as dependable as you, but it also brings people in your life who are dependable. In other words, you will eventually find someone who is as reliable as you, making for a fulfilling friendship.

Take time to assess yourself today, and see if others have been able to rely on you in the past. If not, start to make small changes and try to learn from those in your life who reliable.

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