Creatively Christian – Creatively Katy

By Katy Colvin

In a digital world, we have unlimited access to creative outlets. Within minutes, we can listen to our favorite song, learn a dance on YouTube, write our thoughts using a WordPress, or find crafts on Pinterest to occupy our time. It is easier to find a platform to share creativity in this generation, because art once again has meaning. We place value on creativity. The art culture is alive.

But in a world teeming with creativity, it’s easy to crave recognition for your work. The world celebrates creatives, and has morphed into a culture that puts musicians, artists, authors, and performers on a pedestal. If we are believers, we must stop and ask ourselves, to whom am I trying to bring glory?

So often we forget that the Lord’s creativity is unmatched. He breathed life into the cosmos, decorated the sky with constellations, and intricately designed each and every flower. A world without color would be lifeless. Jesus was a masterful story teller. His entire ministry centered around telling parables (short stories) to human beings so that they would understand and know the glory of God. There was an art to His ministry. It was not haphazard.

The Lord also declares that we are made in His image, so it’s only natural for us to have creative impulses. The Lord values our art, and delights in our creative nature. He also longs for us to bring glory to Him. Our ultimate goal should not be to blend in with the secular art culture and abide by an “anything goes” sort of mentality.

We were meant to worship a Creator, not the created.

This means that as creatives, we must abide by our calling while bringing honor to the Lord. Yes, it’s in our nature to be artistic. The Lord paints the sunrise and sunset for us every single day! But, we were never meant to be idolized for our talents. Our art should never take the place in our soul that is only reserved for God.

Creativity and Christianity can coexist. There are many people who use a creative platform to glorify the Lord, and also create incredible pieces of art. However, their creative lifestyle revolves around Jesus, not the other way around.

If you’re a creative, I encourage you to use your talents in any way. I also long to live a dynamic, colorful life! But, there must be purpose behind our passions. At the end of the day, it’s Jesus first, art second.



Katy lives in North Carolina, and is a senior at UNCC where she studies English. When she isn’t writing, she works at a local non-profit organization and has a passion for ministering to broken women. Katy loves traveling, binge watching Netflix, and is always searching for the perfect cup of coffee. She is an active blogger, and you can follow along on her journey at

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