2 Cautions About Using Bible Apps

Previously, I wrote about the beneficiary convenience of reading your Bible on an app. However, I want to offer two cautions that need to be addressed.

Here are two reasons you might want to use a hard copy instead of an app:

  1. You struggle with pornography. For the sake of your spiritual health, you might be better off if you eliminate the temptation when trying to focus on God’s Word. Obviously, setting aside private time to read with just a phone or tablet could make you vulnerable to the enemy’s attacks.
  2. You find it hard to concentrate. My phone is constantly blowing up with notifications from different apps, and I would bet your phone does the same. For example, it can be hard to focus on the depth of Paul’s words when you are constantly being notified about who liked your picture.

 I still love the benefit of Bible apps, but these are two things that can damage your time spent reading God’s Word. If reading on an app suits you best, by all means, continue to do so!



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