5 Benefits of Bible Apps

Bible applications can enrich reading and make spending time in God’s Word more convenient. It’s not always practical to carry your Bible around with you everywhere you go, so having a copy on your smartphone can be a great tool for spiritual growth.

Here are a few benefits of using a Bible app:

  1. The Bible can be read anywhere. Bible apps allow us to spend as much time reading Scripture as we do scrolling through social network, if we want to.
  2. It allows for flexible devotions. Have a busy day but time to break for lunch? You can always use your phone/tablet to read the Bible and take a few short moments to reflect on God’s truth.
  3. It helps with evangelism. No more toting around little copies of the New Testament. Sure, you can choose to do that, but with an app you have access to any text that might be helpful for pointing people to Christ.
  4. Reminders. One of the best features on a smartphone is the ability to set reminders. The Bible is no exception. Setting a reminder to do some scheduled reading or simply receiving the verse of the day can be beneficial to your spiritual health.
  5. Sharing on social network. Reading an encouraging excerpt from Scripture brightens my day. If you read something that resonates with you, you can always share it quickly when using an app.

Those are just a few reasons I think using a Bible app can be beneficial. Make sure to read my next post as I share a few cautions about using your phone for Bible reading.


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