Thankful – July 4th, 2016

Every Independence Day our country looks different. Often times it is not the kind of “different” that we want. However, even when there seems to be a lot to gripe about, there are plenty of reasons to still be thankful. Don’t let political discontentment erode your sense of patriotism today.

Here is my list of ten things about the U.S. that I am thanking God for today. Maybe this will help you think positively today.

  1. Both personal and religious freedom.
  2. A history to both review and be proud of.
  3. A nation that was formed upon the precepts of God.
  4. Military might that still stands primarily for justice and democracy.
  5. Positive world influence.
  6. A country that serves as an outpost for Christian missions.
  7. A country that serves as a refuge for those returning from tough oversees missions.
  8. A country that still allows for entrepreneurial success.
  9. A country that still has traces of democracy.
  10. A country that is fertile ground for the gospel.

Take some time to say “thanks” today. It will make your Fourth more enjoyable and put you in the right spirit. I hope you have a great time celebrating!

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