“But I Hate Reading!”

 Reading can be enjoyable for those who hate it! Many people think that there is not enough time in the day to curl up on the couch with a good book. However, I believe that with the right book selection reading can become an appealing option for anyone who would like to learn or even just decompress after a long day.

So you dislike reading? Here are a few thoughts of mine to possibly help peak your interest:

  1. Read about your hobbies. Love sports? Read about your favorite team. Get excited when you hear a powerful engine? Find out how they work, but not on YouTube. If you love it, read more about it. Become an expert in your hobbies.
  2. Share interesting facts that you have learned from reading. No, I don’t want to hear about quantum physics. Yes, I am interested when you tell me about a scandal a past U.S. president might have covered up. If you find it fascinating, share the amazement with someone else. Be aware, the person you tell may not respond with the level of excitement you expected. Everyone has individual interests. However, there are still plenty of reasons to share with someone!
  3. Read when you feel like it. Don’t make reading a job. It doesn’t pay, so don’t act like it does. Read when you want to.
  4. Read to help you fall asleep. It’s basically common knowledge that the blue light from your phone hurts the quality of your sleep. Improve poor sleeping habits by reading a book until you can’t keep your eyes open.
  5. Read the same book as a friend. Sharing what you love and hate about certain books is a great conversation piece. Read the same material as your wife or friend and I guarantee the two of you will become closer by the time you flip the last page.

Those are my thoughts. If you have other ideas about how to get interested in reading, leave a comment.

Photograph taken by Kate Williams 


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