3 Ways Overthinking Is Hurting You

You lay and wait for sleep to come and carry you away but instead have 1,000 thoughts rush to your head. You rehearse the day’s events, ponder mistakes, relive success, and worry about the concerns of tomorrow. This is the life of the over-thinker and it has potential to weigh you down.

Overthinking makes you mentally sluggish; it hinders you from enjoying the moment. Life seems more complicated when analyzed repeatedly. Here are a couple ways overthinking stunts Christian progress:

  1. It promotes laziness. Overthinking can make small tasks seem unimportant. This lack of importance can make us believe these “yawns” aren’t worth doing. Enjoying the mundane assignments throughout the day are simple ways we remain active and vibrant. We shouldn’t blow off the “small stuff” because we only feel motivated to do the “important stuff.”
  2. It ruins relaxation. If you go to a sporting event and analyze the eternal importance of entertainment, chances are you will miss the special time you are spending with friends and/or family. Don’t ruin a time to relax and decompress by over-analyzing. It isn’t worth your time.
  3. It jukes joy. Keep thinking about random stuff long enough and eventually you will find a thought that threatens to make you worry and fret. Savor the moment and be present during every minute of life.

Short circuiting overthinking takes practice. Make a conscience effort to ponder what you are currently doing and focus on the details. You will enjoy the simplicity. I guarantee it.

Photo is property of George Ro Photography

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