Advice for the Introverted Christian

Being shy and belonging to a community of Christians can sometimes cause an awkward internal strain for introverted Christians. Social life and relationships are a massive portion of what church is all about. Living with and loving others in a family-type setting has a positive impact on the body of Christ, but it isn’t effortless for everyone.

Here are three things I would suggest introverted churchgoers do:

  1. Know and be comfortable with the way God made you. God had your best interest in mind when he made you introverted. Better yet, your introversion has a specific purpose! I am introverted. God has used my shyness at times to bond with other reserved folks or maybe even balance out my more extraverted friends.
  2. Know your limits. Being a part of every small group and every “get together” probably isn’t going to be what’s best for you. Too much social interaction can drain introverts, leaving them vulnerable to irrational behavior. Find your groups and times to hangout that work for you, commit to them, and allow them to satisfy your spiritual and social needs.
  3. Achieve balance. As stated above, stretching yourself can have adverse affects, but so can becoming a hermit. Staying away from church except on Sunday leaves you vulnerable to spiritual struggles that would be less of a temptation if you were engaged in community. Find your groups, commit to them, and be okay with saying “no” sometimes.

There is a lot more I could write about when it comes to social dynamics at church. If there is a social topic relating to church that you would like me to write about, please leave it in the comments. Have a blessed day.

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