Real Enough to Be a Friend

Clink…clink…clink. The ring of his hammer pierces the Galilean air with every strike. Silence returns to the small town of Nazareth as the Carpenter tosses his hammer to the sandy ground. The scorching heat of the Middle Eastern afternoon tans his round, ripped shoulders. Sweat drips from his brow down to his beard as he vigorously saws at another piece of Achaia wood. This branch will be the final leg of his family’s new table. He feels the rush of energy as he nears the end of a hard day of work.

Jesus runs His hands along the rugged branch and feels the immediate “prick” of a splinter. Just enough discomfort to irritate, not enough to injure. His chatty coworker rambles on about something unrelated to the table. Jesus smiles and ask more questions, realizing it’s important to his friend.

The table is eventually completed. Jesus returns home, gives kisses, hugs, and shares joyous laughs with his loved ones. Another day done, another one coming.

Why write about the everyday life of Jesus? Because I need to be reminded of his humanity. It makes him real enough to be my friend. He is the kind of friend who would rather listen than talk and doesn’t judge you when you ramble.  He can make you laugh. Who knows, He might even teach you a thing or two. Give it a try. Say a prayer. Read a verse. He wants to be with you.

Photo is property of George Ro Photography

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