A Case for Liberty

Familiarity breads contempt, and after spending three years at a university, it could be easy to write about any “contempt” I might have for Liberty University. However, I loved my time at Liberty and any negative thoughts I might have are overshadowed by good memories.

Therefore, below are my three favorite aspects about Liberty University:

  1. The friendships. Due to Liberty’s “regulations,” it can be challenging to run in to bad crowds putting you under negative peer pressure. This purity and innocence established by Liberty allows for genuine and pure friendships to develop. The people close to you aren’t simply “drinking buddies.” Instead, they are life partners who care about your well being.
  2. Strong leadership from “Jerry.” For those of you who don’t know, Jerry Falwell Jr. is affectionately called “Jerrrryyy” when we he gets up to speak at any university gathering. This affection comes from a student body that knows their President cares for them and stands up for his convictions. Even though I don’t agree with all of his political opinions, I still love and appreciate that he is a man of God.
  3. Safety. This may sound “lame” or “stupid,” but walking around campus and knowing that you are reasonably safe makes for a more relaxing time at school. Lynchburg is a, let’s just say, “quirky” town. Knowing that we are protected from the sketchier side of Lynchburg allows for a safe and free environment that some campuses may not offer (like urban campuses, international, etc.).

Liberty is a wonderful place blessed by God. For anyone considering attending, I strongly recommend it!

I hope you all enjoy your Friday and have a blessed weekend!


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