Three Byproducts of Learning to Trust God


I have written a lot about trusting God because I know it is a struggle for me and others like me. We are the control freaks of the world. It’s our way or the highway. God often times is wrestling with my old nature (and He always wins!), and trying to create in me a deeper trust in Him. Maybe you can relate.

Here are three observations I made about learning to trust the Lord. Trust produces:

  1. Renewed, strengthened faith. You probably remember the game we all used to play as children. It’s a classic church illustration. It’s the “trust – fall.” Although shallow, it is true. Sometimes the best way to reassure that God is still present in your life is to let go and let God. Take a leap of faith, and marvel as He catches, sustains, and supports you.
  2. Encouragement for others in their walk with Christ. When we take risks and trust the Lord, others are watching how we live the process out. If we are faithful, chances are others will follow our example as they learn to trust the Lord.
  3. Reminders for later. Acting in faith allows for God to be faithful, which in turn encourages us for times down the road when we need reminders of the Lord’s faithfulness. Journal or make mental notes of the times when God has led you somewhere or to do something and has accompanied you every step of the way. It will boost your spirit at a later time.

 Trusting the Lord is extremely difficult at times. It takes years and years of walking with the Lord to learn that He knows best. I certainly have not arrived.

Be encouraged! We are on the journey.

God bless, and have a great Tuesday.

Photo is property of George Ro Photography

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