Three Things Transition Teaches Us


It’s no secret that moving is tough. Being uprooted and moving to a new location challenges faith and builds character. Leaving friends and family, familiar settings, and our comfort zones gives God the opportunity He desires to draw us closer to him.

Here are three things that God can teach us while transitioning to a new location:

  1. Humility. Familiar settings can cause us to get comfortable. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable, but sometimes we forget Who we are supposed to be relying on. Leaving the “known” to pursue the unknown can help us to refocus our attention on the Lord.
  2. Patience. It takes time to make friends, get plugged in at a new church, and find all our “favorites” in the area. Although this adds to the initial discomfort, given some time all of those things fall into place. It is a matter of simply waiting and trusting that God will provide when it is best for us.
  3. Trust. God is always finding ways to teach us to rely on him. Learning to trust that God will provide as we go (so long as we are good stewards and responsible) is a foundation of our faith. If we want to have deep and meaningful relationships with the Lord, we must learn to trust His leading like those we read about in our Bibles.

I pray your next move goes smoothly and that the Lord meets your every need.

Have a wonderful Friday.

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