Ten Traits of a Real Man

Manliness is not defined as grease, guns, belches, and wrenches. It’s not clothed in Carhartt, Browning, or Realtree. A man doesn’t have to dip, cuss, and drink to be considered masculine, but there are a few things that are truly manly.

Below are ten traits of real manliness. Most of them are common sense (something that is hard to find in today’s world). A real man:

  1. Leads. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business or your family, the world looks to men for leadership. It is no wonder women are stepping up in the public sector. They are simply trying to fill a natural void.
  2. Is strong. You don’t have to be able to bench press 400 pounds but the world knows a real man when they see it. He carries himself with confidence that speaks for itself.
  3. Learns. Don’t know how to fix a car? A real man takes it upon himself to learn. Not sure how to shoot a weapon? A humble man asks for help and guidance so he can be a capable provider and protector.
  4. Provides. A real man doesn’t have to be pestered or asked to work. He does it because it is required of him by society and he has self – respect. Laziness is not in the vocabulary of a respectable man.
  5. Protects. Safety can be felt from a real man’s countenance. Women and children do not need to fear when a guardian is in the area. They can trust that they will be taken care of if anything threatens their quality of life.
  6. Cares. Sensitivity is not a bad thing. Being a man means knowing how to care without being overly emotional. A real man cares enough to listen and help problem solve.
  7. Solves problems. Although he may not have the solution, he can find the person who does. Whatever it takes to solve a problem, he will either seek the Lord’s provision or be that agent of repair, himself.
  8. Loves his wife and children faithfully. Even in the face of fear, a real man steps up and takes care of his wife and child. He is faithful to his family and loves his wife more than himself.
  9. Disciplines himself. A man of honor asks the Lord to help him. It is only by walking in the Spirit that a man can control the urges that his body presents.
  10. Sacrifices. Either for his country, his family, or ultimately the Lord, a real man will do what it takes to stand up for what he believes in, even if it cost him his life.

 Are you pursuing genuine manhood? If yes, great. Continue to be what society needs. If not, find a man who is your senior and demonstrates the qualities above. Learn from him and model his character.

God bless, and have a great Saturday.

Photo is property of George Ro Photography




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