Three Ways to Fight Fatigue on Sunday Morning

We have all been there. We had a full week. We are worn out. We overworked ourselves on Saturday and stayed up to watch the game. The alarm goes off on Sunday and our bodies scream out “don’t do it!” In that moment, discipline and resolve are necessary if you are going to make it to church.

There will be times in your Christian walk that you simply don’t want to go to church, regardless of the quality of worship service that you attend. I want to point out three realizations about church that are vital. Often times, simply having the right perspective can change your attitude.

  1. The moment that you want to go back to sleep is actually spiritual warfare. Granted, it may not be the most intense war being fought, but it is a struggle between serving self and serving the Lord. Identify your desires and tell them to God. Sometimes we think less of ourselves for having to say a prayer for strength to simply get out of bed. There is nothing wrong with asking God to help us do the right thing.
  2. Be proactive about fighting fatigue. If we are honest, there are times that we struggle to get out of bed because of poor choices the night before. I am as guilty of this as anyone. Set a realistic bed time for yourself (and your spouse, if you have one) and guard it diligently. Being happy and refreshed will enhance your worship the next morning.
  3. Think of all that you miss out on. Of course, sometimes the songs sung aren’t your favorite, the coffee isn’t hot enough, or you just don’t want to have to talk to that certain “someone.” But, these aren’t valid excuses for why you should miss out on church. Remember, all the social aspects of church only add to the blessing of being in the presence of the Lord. You will not be adequately fed in your spiritual life if you are not going to church consistently. It keeps you accountable and focused on the right things during the week.

These are meant to be helpful tips for beating that draggy feeling when it comes time to wake up. I will deal with hurt from the church body at a later time.

God bless, and have an enjoyable Tuesday.

Photo is property of George Ro Photography


2 thoughts on “Three Ways to Fight Fatigue on Sunday Morning”

  1. I like this Stephen. Everyone goes through not wanting to get up. Good points on how to do better.
    Something else is the guilt I drag around with me all week if I miss church.


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