Five Ways to Compensate When God Seems Far Off

Any Christian who has been walking with God for a short time knows that God can seem far off. Even experienced Christians are not strangers to the odd feeling of distance between themselves and the Lord.

When we run into seasons of boredom with the Lord, it can be tempting to want to compensate. This kind of strife is the wrong approach and will only cause you to miss what is actually happening between you and the Lord. If you are feeling disconnected, distanced, or “bored” in your relationship with God, try these five things.

  1. Check your life for sin. This principle is simple yet true. We are fallen creations made right with God; therefore, we are not immune to sin. Remember, sin isn’t bad just because God calls it bad. It is harmful because it ruptures your relationship with God. Consistent sin is a sign of a rebellious heart, and God eventually deals with idols that we place before him. Discipline yourself now so He doesn’t have to later.
  2. Check your prayer time. If we are failing to talk to God, it only makes sense that we will feel far from him. Anytime we fail to communicate with someone we know, the natural response is to feel a lack of connection with them. We must put in effort to maintain our open line of communication with the Father.
  3. Check your Bible study. Make sure you are reading to learn, not just to clear your conscience. Reading the Bible simply to complete the task is as effective as trying to read a history textbook at midnight. That kind of devotion will not cause change, and you will miss out on what God is saying to you through his Word. Try reading smaller amounts in your Bible. Don’t try to bite off more than you can chew, only to end up choking your spiritual walk.
  4. Check your friends/influences. Is the company you are around passionate about the Lord? Are you pursuing meaningful relationships that better you as a man or woman of God? Often times we feel discouraged by the people around us because we haven’t picked the best people to spend our free time with. We have to make sure to share our lives with people who draw us closer to the Lord.
  5. Be okay with bland. There are seasons of life when we seem to be plateauing spiritually. Be aware, this is simply an illusion. God uses every moment in our lives to make us more like Christ and to draw us closer to Himself, so long as we are submissive. Learn to relish the quiet moments. There will be days you look back and wish you were in calmer waters.

 I hope you find this post practical and applicable. Keep in mind, the Lord loves you and is pursuing you every day. Make sure you are looking for Him.

God bless, and have a wonderful Tuesday.


Photo is property of George Ro Photography


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