The Solution to Our Turbulent Times

If you were to open up the Christian Post yesterday, you would have read numerous articles about persecution, absurd violence, and our failing political system. In the past, we would expect emotionally shaking stories like those to be written about different areas of the world. However, these stories were addressing our homeland, America.

Amidst all of this discord, people are looking for a solution. As I have written before, the solution is not a politician or an economic guru. A five-star general is not going to solve our foreign policy woes. The answer resides in the individual hearts of you and I. We are Christians. We are Americans. We bear the solution.

Our country is turning a moral curve that we will most likely not recover from. As my wise mother observed, if we want Christ to return soon, this is the type of world we can expect to be living in. As His return gets nearer, the world becomes more out of control. We have to learn to live in a restless world without submitting to fear and anxiety.

What is my proposed solution? The solution is simple. We must be completely surrendered Christians. We must be pure representations of Christ. We must love our Bibles more than our favorite Netflix shows. We have to take our relationships as seriously as we take our social media profiles. We have to be as devoted to serving our local church (and attending!) as we are our favorite hobbies. I believe there is a day coming in our country where nominal Christianity will be a thing of the past. Now is the time to seek God and beg him that he be your supreme satisfaction and passion.

Not once in the New Testament do we see an encouragement to be moderately committed Christians. There is no verse that tells us to seek the appropriate “dose” of God in our lives. Our lives our short. We have to make them count. Loving God and knowing him is all that matters. Nothing satisfies like knowing him.

So, Christian, I want to offer a word of encouragement to you. Please start making intentional choices to seek the Lord above and before all the things of this world. We will not last as the body of Christ if we do not learn to love him first, serve him with everything, and live for him only. Let’s shake the foundations of our country by being faithful to God, not just for the sake of revolution, but for righteousness and obedience as well! Let’s change our culture by loving like Jesus! Let’s start having quiet times that make us radically more like Jesus! Let’s give all of ourselves to knowing Christ and making him known! Let’s build the kingdom of God and leave the consequences to Him.

God bless, and I pray y’all have a wonderful Tuesday.

Photograph taken by Lucy Chian

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