Three Benefits of Being a Humble Person

Proverbs 3:34 (GNT)

“He has no use for conceited people, but shows favor to those who are humble.”

Humility is both an endearing and elusive quality. People who are described as humble by others could be said to possess character traits like “unassuming, fun – loving, relaxed, nonjudgmental, or non – confrontational.” Here is the bottom line: humble people are attractive people.

Although we Christians understand that there are plenty of benefits to being a humble person, we often times find it difficult to practice this aspect of Christ – like behavior. I think there are three baseline problems that cause pride.

1.Familiar settings/surroundings.It is easy to be “in our element” at work, home, or school and feel very comfortable. We are most likely well known and feel capable in that particular place, so our need for provision appears to be less.

2. Sin in the life of the believer.Sin can create a skewed perspective of self and others. Repetitive sin leads to shame and shame leads to a misunderstanding of Christian identity and belonging. For some reason, the response is to put up walls between ourselves and surrounding individuals, and this wall usually appears in the form of haughtiness and impersonal actions.

3. A natural disposition to believing we are better than others.Don’t be ashamed of it. We all think it to some level. Everyone on this planet believes in some shape and fashion that you are better than most people around you. It may not be full blown narcissism or a belief that you are better at everything, but it is hard to fight the feelings of superiority in your areas of expertise when they rise up, and that’s just one example.

To contrast the list above, here’s a list of three things that humble people enjoy that arrogant people cut themselves off of.

1.Honest relationships.Humble people have no pride to maintain, so they are willing to be honest. They are not looking for someone to support their sin struggles or tell them that they are “good.” This type of honesty allows for them to have strong relationships full of trust.

2. A gravitational pull.Allow me to explain. Humble people naturally draw in almost everyone. Why? First, they are Christ-like, and people are naturally drawn to the love of Christ. Second, humble people accept others for who they are because they don’t feel a threat to their security. Therefore, humble people can love people purely, and that’s attractive!

3. Experiencing the strong presence of God.Read the verse again at the top. There is not much else I can add. God is ready and willing to lavish his love on the humble. If you want more of God, you will have to have less of you.

So, let’s choose humility this week! You never know what relationships could develop, especially your relationship with Christ.

God bless, and have a great Tuesday.





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