Trusting in God’s Provisional Power

 In Exodus 4, we intersect Moses’ journey at a crucial point. He found refuge in Midian along side a compassionate and godly family after committing vengeful murder in Egypt. During this time of solitude God eventually speaks the loudest, through a burning bush, commissioning Moses to lead the Israelites to freedom.

 Does my life’s call, work, and goals reveal a void in my power that only God can fill? Am I willing to go through life trying only things I know I can accomplish? There is a particular self – proficient confidence that can be found in being certain I can do what I have been made to do. But when God challenges not only my faith in myself but also my belief in His provisional power, then I can see him moving on my behalf like never before. If you are seeking the Lord’s purpose for putting you on this earth, one day you will face your burning bush. Observe Moses’ initial response to God calling him out of routine anonymity: “O my Lord, please send by the hand of whomever else You may send” (Exodus 4:13). Moses’ response reveals the human disposition of self – efficacy – the illusion that we as men are capable only of certain things, and that aptitude comes from within. When commissioned by God to do whatever it is you are to do, observing the situation from a mortal perspective leads one to conclude that “I am not eloquent” (Exodus 4:10). However, when I realize that God did not call me to impact my world with eloquence, I allow the power of God to work in my simplicity. It is in my simplicity that people step back, taking my life in its entirety and marvel at the sufficient power of the Lord, and say “Only God could have done so much with so little.”

“So the people believed…then they bowed their head and worshipped” (Exodus 4:31). When I give God an opportunity to make much of himself where there is little “me” I should not be surprised when man’s response is to “bow and worship.” It’s not that I am the catalyst for worship in the heart of man; rather, I have the capacity to allow God to produce fruit through me that leads others to express adoration to God.

I don’t have a lot to offer the people and world around me. In fact, I have nothing of supernatural importance to offer them if I don’t offer them Christ. When I surrender my desire to make my difference and let the Lord make his mark in spite of me, then others will have the opportunity to bow their heads and worship.

What in your life is God asking you to do that you feel overwhelmed by? Remember, the Lord is faithful to provide when He commissions us to serve him in a particular way. Let your faith be challenged today and your spirit encouraged! Trust the Lord to provide, for He is faithful!

Photograph taken by Oday Hazeem

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